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Yes,  you can  request a refund online, If only the airlines allow you to cancel your itinerary.  But, you need to know that some of airlines doesn't allow to cancel the ticket and you will not get the refund.
Yes, you can book the reservation with infant  (< 2 years) who travelling with parent's lap. But for children over 2 years, you can be easly booked at with separate seat with parents. Make sure that children under 12 years are booked under the reservation of the acompanying person with the same booking code.
You can earn the high commision for every  transaction that you made. You can recruit a sub-agent and get more commision every time they make transaction.
1. Check your booking record on Manage Booking :
- Go To Manage Booking on our site here
- Click View Booking
- Provide your Airpaz Code and email
- Find your booking status 

2. Verify Payment has made:
    2.1  If Payment has been verified by your bank, you should receive an email or SMS on the status bookinh in 48 hours from the time booking was made followed by itinerary or
    2.2 Please wait 30 minutes and refresh Manage Booking on our site
    2.3 Calling our Call Centres at the following number:
   - Indonesia (ID) : +62 803321817
   - Malaysia (MY) : +60 327243805
   - Singapore (SG) : +65 31080308
   - Thailand (TH) : +66 600024105
   - Australia (AU) : +61 280149849
   - China (CN) : +86 105994890

* Please note, that you need to checked your order status by 2 step above in order to avoid re-booking the same booking
With you can view your online booking confirmation in "Manage Booking" section. find "Resend itinerary to email" , input your mail then, click send. 
During booking process, you'll be prompted to type 16 digits of voucher code. After the code verified, your total payment will automatically reduced. Continue with choose your payment methode,  then submit payment to complete your reservation. Find your ticket via email or SMS and also via Manage Booking on our site. 

At a certain time, We'll send a secret promo code to our member via newsletter, make sure that you're registered as our member by sign up here
You can book up to 6 hours before flight departure on our website or via mobile service or by call our customer service and transfer the total payment by bank transfer. Later bookings can only be made in the airport. You may check start from 2 hours before departure flight.
Please be advised that  billed the payment base on  "Amount to Charge" When you do transaction on our website.  Credit card issuing banks may impose a differ charge caused of  Cross Border transaction ( there are changes in the value of currency).Cross Border transaction are defined as transactions whereby the country of the cardholder's bank differs from that of the merchant. 

Please be note that the Cross Border charge is not imposed by and neither do we benefit from it. The reason why this has changed is because Visa and MasterCard now assess cross border fees to the credit card processor.  You are advised  to seek further clarification from your credit card issuing bank.
You need to know that we not issued the Boarding Pass after you buy the ticket. Boarding Pass will be issued by the airlines after you check-in by online on airlines website or when you arrive at the counter of the airport for check -in. If you check-in by online, the airlines will sent you the boarding pass, and you need to print out.
An Agent can top up with minimum value Rp 500.000,- and No duplicate value for every top up transaction.
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