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Find the cheapest flight hong kong - HKG to chongqing - CKG

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Flight Schedule hong kong - HKG to chongqing - CKG

Depart Time Arrival Time Flight Type Airlines Days Flight Code
07:30 20:10 Transit Shanghai Air Wed FM726
13:40 10:50 Transit China Eastern Sat MU5018
07:45 15:05 Transit Thai Airways Sat TG603
13:15 09:50 Transit Xiamen Air Sat MF8696
18:50 00:05 Transit China Eastern Sat MU9846
18:50 10:50 Transit Shanghai Air Sat FM846
17:05 11:55 Transit China Eastern Sat MU510
15:55 14:10 Transit China Eastern Sat MU504
23:00 11:05 Transit Air China Sat CA6536
16:50 13:55 Transit Shenzhen Air Fri ZH9096
17:05 10:50 Transit Shanghai Air Fri FM510
15:55 20:10 Transit Shanghai Air Fri FM504
17:55 17:00 Transit Air China Thu CA106
18:35 01:15 Transit Malaysia Airlines Thu MH433
20:05 13:55 Transit China Eastern Wed MU506
11:35 21:50 Transit China Eastern Fri MU766
12:45 21:00 Transit Air China Fri CA102
15:05 00:05 Transit China Eastern Fri MU508
11:40 19:05 Transit China Airlines Wed CI642
11:05 19:05 Transit China Airlines Wed CI904
17:05 14:10 Transit China Eastern Wed MU9756
14:35 09:30 Transit China Eastern Wed MU204
07:30 00:05 Transit China Eastern Thu MU726
13:00 10:50 Transit Shanghai Air Fri FM8246
20:05 19:05 Transit Shanghai Air Thu FM506
11:35 19:55 Transit China Eastern Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat, Sun MU2902
12:20 14:30 Transit Xiamen Air Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun MF382
12:05 00:05 Transit China Eastern Wed MU722
10:50 22:40 Transit Shenzhen Air Daily ZH9092
13:55 12:30 Transit China Eastern Wed MU702
14:10 22:05 Transit Air China Wed, Fri CA112
12:15 10:55 Transit Xiamen Air Daily MF8018
15:20 20:20 Transit Shandong Air Fri SC4790
17:50 15:50 Transit China Eastern Fri MU9850
17:05 23:45 Transit China Eastern Tue, Thu, Sat MU734
12:05 20:10 Transit Shanghai Air Thu FM722
08:40 11:00 Direct Air China Mon, Thu CA6520
08:40 11:00 Direct Cathay Pacific Mon, Thu CX5842
13:40 10:50 Transit Shanghai Air Mon FM5018
13:40 16:05 Direct Air China Tue, Sun CA6506
20:15 10:00 Transit Air China Tue CA116
13:55 10:50 Transit Shanghai Air Tue FM702
18:25 21:00 Direct Air China Mon, Tue, Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun CA420
13:40 16:05 Direct Cathay Pacific Tue, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun CX5840
12:50 10:50 Transit Shanghai Air Tue FM502
20:30 22:40 Transit Shenzhen Air Daily ZH9094
12:50 00:05 Transit China Eastern Tue MU502
21:00 10:50 Transit Shanghai Air Tue FM8234
20:45 10:25 Transit Xiamen Air Tue, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun MF8012
09:35 19:05 Transit China Eastern Tue, Sat, Sun MU724
09:35 20:10 Transit Shanghai Air Sat FM724
18:25 21:00 Direct Cathay Pacific Mon, Tue, Sat, Sun CX6130
15:25 19:05 Transit Shanghai Air Fri FM8238
08:10 19:05 Transit China Airlines Wed CI922
12:30 10:50 Transit Shanghai Air Wed FM8248
11:25 23:00 Transit China Southern Daily CZ3076
20:50 23:30 Direct Hongkong Airlines Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun HX496
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